Pattern Story

Song Dynasty Poem

In the design series called Song Dynasty Poem, Asianera has designed a masterful tale from the Song Dynasty. The story that the three characters tell in the main scene is of a young noble woman, who is about to leave for a long journey, and her two younger sisters bidding her farewell with the traditional serving food and drink. The classical elements of the scholar stone and peach tree branches and the slender, but loose-fitting robes, set the scene in Southern China around the Song Dynasty. The graceful crane shown alone and also in a pair is symbolism for the young lady seeking to be reunited with her lover. Muted warm color tones, graceful movement in the slender figures of the woman and cranes, and the autumn leaves combine to create scenes of sublime tranquility and elegance. Luxurious 24karat matt gold finishes the composition.

Pattern code: 339