Care Instructions

We recommend the following handling methods in order to extend the product life of your bone china for many years of enjoyment.


Can be washed in a dishwasher with a mild dishwashing detergent, though hand washing is recommended. Avoid the use of scouring pads and abrasives. We recommend soaking chinaware in warm water before washing. For coffee or tea stains, you can also try using toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.


Can be used in a microwave for heating as long as the item does not have gold or platinum trim or painting.
Not recommended to be used as cooking vessels for example baking, steaming or boiling food.
Do not pour boiling liquid or food directly into a bone china vessel. Pre-warm bone china vessels before pouring in hot liquids or food.
Avoid keeping acidic liquids in bone china vessels for extended periods of time.


When storing plates, try not to slide them over one another, as this may cause scratches in the glaze. We recommend placing a paper napkin between each plate.